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How does this sound? First we go shopping together to the food market. Then I’ll drive us to the kitchen, where we’ll cook a lovely meal together and then we’ll sit down for a lovely home made meal, in good company. I will only do this with small groups (four people max/evening).

What does this cost and what’s included?

We will spend three hours together, shopping, cooking, eating and having a good time. The drive to the kitchen and a signed copy of The Helsinki Book are also included.

1 person 270,00€

2 people 520,00€ (260,00€/person)

3 people 750,00€ (250,00€/person)

4 people (max) 960,00€ (240,00€/person)

I will start this cooking project after the The Helsinki Book has been launched (27.10-30.10 2016). Reservations can however be made in advance by email: