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Sopat! Out now.
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Hundreds and hundreds of my customers  asked me to write a cookbook featuring my best soup recipes and so I did. Sopat! (Soups!) turned out to be quite a good seller in Finland. Two editions of a total of 5000 books were printed. 

Why I chose Jaeseong to shoot

The first time our paths crossed, was when Jae came to Qulma looking for a job. I understood, while interviewing him, that he had a special quality about him. He was friendly, smart and had a good sense of humor. He got along with customers and staff alike.

At our company parties Jaeseong always had his big, red camera with him, taking hundreds, sometimes thousands of pictures during the same evening. When I saw his stuff I was totally blown away! Given the chance to make this cookbook, there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt whom I would choose as my photographer. This young South-Korean gentleman certainly deserved his day in the sun.

We really had no idea how to start. We just wanted to do this differently. We spent hours in book stores checking out what not to do, fishing for good ideas and looking for inspiration.

We were on the right path with the right attitude. To keep things simple, we shot every picture at Qulma.  My task was to sell my ideas behind each picture to Jaeseong, to set up the props for each picture and to make everything look the way I saw it in my head. Jae took care of lighting, photography and everything else that had to do with the pictures. The ideas and set up for the guest pictures where basically mine, while Jaeseong, with great success, directed and photographed them.

The further down the road we came, the easier things became. In quite a short period of time, we developed a really fast and productive working process. Either one of us had ever done this before and the fun thing was having to make it all up as we went along, especially trying to capture the explosive dynamics needed in some of the pictures was a fantastic challenge! We also became pretty good at solving problems. Quickly!

Now, when I see what we achieved together, I can’t be more than super satisfied.  We both put our hearts and souls into this project and I really think people have fallen in love with the book. It has sold very well in Finland. Two editions, 5 000 books…so far!

The Helsinki Book

Our newest project took a year and a half to get together with over ten thousand pictures taken and countless hours put down. I tell you, it was worth it. The Helsinki Book turned out to be a real beauty! Check out Shortly we will also publish an electronic version of The Helsinki Book on Amazon and we will also launch the web site.

Other Stuff I’ve Written

I was asked by award winning author Joel Willans to write a few words about the way I see Finland and Helsinki. As it was directly connected to the book project I was working on, I was more than happy to jot down a few thoughts.

A Few Articles On Me And My Stuff (Mostly In Finnish. Sorry.)